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My Brushes With [In]Sanity

3 January 1983
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Hi! I'm a three-tailed magical fox named Alfador! ...But of course if you know about my LiveJournal, you probably already knew that. ;) This journal will see intermittent use: sometimes I'll be posting once or more a day, others I may go weeks without a post. =^.^= I'll just be posting miscellaneous thoughts here, dreams I remember, or other stuff that I particularly want to share with my friends.

Fair warning here: if you DON'T know me, or if you're not comfortable with all the things you know about me, you may not be comfortable with the stuff I choose to share here. If what I write upsets you, it's now your own darn fault for hunting down my information!! You've been warned! ;) =^.^=


A little plug here.

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